AMPECO has become a proud supporter of the Central and Eastern European Green Transport Initiative (CEE GTI).

The goal of the CEE GTI is to have local actors work together on shaping the legislative ground for the successful establishment of green transport in our region, especially on the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

The expertise of AMPECO will undoubtedly enable the initiative to better understand the needs of consumers in terms of a successful, scalable and sustainable EV charging management platform. 

Despite being a global player, AMPECO sees immense value in the Central and Eastern Europe markets, which currently lag in their pace of transport electrification. This will likely change with adopting a more ambitious EU policy with particular attention given to home and office charging.

We believe that CEEGTI can enable multiple synergies in the region. It is key to bring together all interested voices of the regional markets to constitute a strong momentum in support of the development of zero-emission road transport.

Stefan Ivanov, Chief Revenue Officer at AMPECO

You can read the full text of the declaration and its objectives on the CEE GTI official website.